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Dan Martin, PGA

Dan Martin, a Class A PGA Professional and US Kids Golf Master Kids Golf Teacher, is The California Junior Golf / Rustic Canyon Golf Course Director of Instruction. He has over 22 years of teaching experience and over 17 years experience in junior and new golfer program development. Dan enjoys working with golfers of all ability levels, but specializes in helping junior golfers develop all facets of the game, including mental and emotional aspects, to better prepare them for competitive golf. Dan does not believe in the "one swing fits all" mentality. Rather, Dan helps all his students find their OWN effective golf swing through simple and natural techniques and exercises. Then, he helps them on the journey to performing at their maximum potential.
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Besides coaching and player development, Dan also is heavily involved with Junior Tournament Golf.  Dan is the US Kids Golf Los Angeles Local Tour Director and is responsible for scheduling, booking, and operating 24+ golf US Kids Golf events per year in the Greater LA area.  Dan is now in his 11th year of operating the LA US Kids Tour! Dan also is a founding partner of The California Junior Golf Tour, which offers multi-day nationally ranked junior golf events at various Southern California Venues and year-round player development programs at 3 local courses.
Finally, Dan offers a unique swing development product called The PRO, which stands for Precise, Rotational, Orbit.  The PROs unique design simplifies the learning process of the golf swing into one fluid motion founded in the principles of rotational physics.  The PRO is a must own for anyone starting golf or trying to break years of bad habits.  
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